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Learning About Collaboration From FLOCK

As artists, sometimes we may get caught up in the tension or frustration that revolves around creation. We sometimes can forget the true reason why we are involved in this art form. However, with Alice and Florian it is the exact opposite. There is no tension, no frustration, and just pure joy. That to me is so refreshing!

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Coming Full Circle With Dezza Dance’s DesirĂ©e Dunbar

I have done many interviews with Desiree, but almost always she is the one interviewing me. So getting the opportunity to interview her about her new piece Deep Roots was such a fun experience. To be on the other side of the table and to be the one asking questions was such a full circle moment for me …

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Dance As a Language for Wen Wei Wang

Chatting with choreographer Wen Wei Wang was a big deal for all of us at as
this was the first story on our site that covered Canadian dance. Being a Canadian myself, this story was particularly special for me …

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