About Melissa Panetta: Food and Nutrition

Photo by Mary Pettorelli

Hi I’m Melissa! As you probably have guessed from browsing the rest of my website, I’m a professional dancer and been involved with dance for as long as I can remember. Something you may not know about me however, is that I am also very passionate about food, fitness, and nutrition. I recently got my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and am now a certified nutrition coach. Alongside my passion for sharing dance, I love helping and inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle. I love coaching all kinds of individuals from elite athletes to people just trying to improve their way of life. A few other things I enjoy include cooking and trying new recipes, yoga, and traveling.

If you are interested in receiving online nutrition coaching, feel free to contact me and melissa.panetta@yahoo.ca or here for details!

What’s Next …

Film and Video

Watch various videos and films that explore a visual representation of Melissa’s artistic voice. Experience performances and studio work, and learn about how different ideas take form in movement …