Film and Video

I believe that a film should not only display the choreography the way a live performance would, but also allow for the artist’s voice to be presented. When I have a say in video creation, I make it a priority to allow the viewer to have that experience. I want to acknowledge the thoughts and intentions behind the choreography and enhance it through film.

Demo Reel

“I’m really passionate about how physicality in movement can portray both grace and strength.”

 Dance truly has shaped me into the strong, determined individual that defines who I am today. Contemporary dance and ballet are the two forms that best represent my passion for the arts. As an artist, I believe physicality is beautiful. I have always been drawn to powerful movement that push the boundaries of what the human body is capable of. I am interested in exploring the juxtaposition of grace and strength. How can we strive to make choreography appear effortless, while still acknowledging the work and strength it takes to achieve such movements? These are the questions that strike my curiosity while exploring my craft as an artist. I aspire that my movement not only heightens the viewers experience but encourages them to research and analyze their own virtuosity from a new mindset.


“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives” – anonymous author.

Transformation is a process. It’s a time where new discovery and change can happen. I am especially fascinated by transformation in human beings and nature. The way a tree evolves from a tiny seed into all it’s unique shapes and forms throughout a lifetime is in a way much like the life of a human being. I created a solo based on the concept of evolution and how we are affected by these inevitable changes. Transformation is truly all around us. Sometimes we just need to take a closer look.

Time Now

The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said that “Space is a breath of art”. What I love about space is that it can be found in nearly every art form and is a fundamental aspect of each piece of art”

The idea of space is very fascinating to me. I love exploring the various aspects space has to offer and how choreography can be translated in relation to it. During this creative process I did not have an end goal, I was just in the modality of play. I started by creating phrases with different elements of space in mind – direction, level, size, focus, and pathways. I then dove deeper and morphed each phrase with another correlating element of space. I continued to explore how space affected me and even toyed with the idea of space as a partner. Eventually I pieced each phrase together and ended up with a solo called Time Now.

What Dance Means to Me

There is no greater feeling than being on stage doing something you love.

From the beginning of my career, performance-based work has always been my dream. I feel most at home when performing and sharing my art with others. My passion, drive, and motivation for the arts all stem from the surreal feeling I get when being on stage. I hope that through performance I can leave viewers feeling inspired and motivated to sharing art in their own way.

What’s Next …

Photo Gallery

Wander through a variety of photographs and experience snapshots of Melissa’s favourite moments. Understand how photographs can capture pivotal moments and learn about Melissa’s discoveries, perspectives, and aspirations …